Stay. Busy.

Due to my current school schedule, and well, laziness, I haven’t been really working on projects lately. So last night I had free time and an idea, so I decided to get right to work on it. It’s a simple character, something I’ve done many times before. But as I progressed I realized just how many mistakes I was making. My topology was awful, I had done things out of order, and wasted time trying to find relativley basic commands and tools. The result looked nothing like I pictured it. I pretty much just said fuck it a restarted. I was so lost that I resorted to pulling out some old lesson PDFs from past semesters. I realized then that I hadn’t actually worked on a character for three months!

You cannot let yourself get rusty. As I said, I havent had a lot of time lately, and since I was out of practice I actually burned away two hours of my limited free time on a total boondoggle. I was messing up on simple stuff that I should not have had issues with.

I’ve decided that I need to start doing micro projects. Just like any skill, you have to keep practicing, keep those neurons strong. A micro project would be any simplistic task to help reinforce certain ideas. Make it a routine to do small, 20 minute excercises throughout the week to keep your skills sharp.

For example:

Today I created a standard cube in my 3D program, and started pushing and pulling verticies until I morphed the cube into a sphere. Then took the sphere and reversed the process to make a cube.

Little projects like that are quick and simple, but it keeps your mind active and reinforces skills, like topology manipulation in this instance. These seemingly inocuous tasks can do a lot for you, especially if you’re in a postion where you don’t have the time to constantly be working on big projects. Dont let yourself lag behind, Stay Busy.


-Jackson Carter