Welcome to Animation Fun Times

“HELP! I’ve dedicated my life to the most tedious thing I could think of!”

Animation is work, a LOT of work. When you spend 2 hours just trying to make a character walk two whole steps. When you dedicate your night to trying to figure why that characters arm decided to flail around for five frames. Or if you spend a whole week trying to create and finish just four seconds of animation. When you elect to do all of this and more, and you enjoy that? Yeah, you’re probably a bit of a masochist.

But thats just it isn’t it? It’s all worth it. You comit your time and energy into one of the most tedious activities in the entertainment industry. Through the twilight hours, you’re bashing your head against your desk, finalizing your project. When you finish, you’re left with the most rewarding feelings you’ve ever felt. That’s the magic of it all. Nothing about animation comes easy, so your victory is all the sweeter.

This blog is about sharing this passion, of making an inanimate group of pixels come to life. Here is a place where you can get tutoring, share ideas, and make things that cant be possible in real life. The world inside a computer or on a page of paper is yours to create, destroy, and breath life into. And I’m hear to help you, while you help me, and we all share our knowlege to achieve what we want and need to get through the arduous process of animation, and come out of it with something we can be proud of.

About me:

My names is Jackson Carter, I’m completing my 3rd year of animation education. I’m far from an expert but I want to share my experiences and knowledge to help you get through the hurdles of this seven layer hell that is animation. From concept art, and script writing, to modelling, rigging, texturing, animation, and post-production. This is what I want to help you readers become aquainted with, and provide valuable tips and tools to make the journey just a bit easier.

Welcome to Animation Fun Times.

And remember, “The computer fucking hates you, SAVE OFTEN.”

-Jackson Carter